Duane Andrews

Duane Andrews' music is the product of "a great ear, an adventurous spirit and a love of music that is beyond category." He brings together traditional Newfoundland music with the swing jazz of the legendary Django Reinhardt. Andrews makes it not just work – he makes it soar.


The Juno award winning producer, composer, guitarist and international performer is a native of Newfoundland. He grew up exposed to the island’s mélange of cultural influences and his development as a guitarist reflects that. After graduating from the Jazz Studies program at St. Francis Xavier, Duane spent several years studying contemporary music composition at the Conservatoire International de Paris and at the Conservatoire National de Region in Marseille, France. It was during his time in France that Reinhardt’s music had a profound impact on Duane. Upon returning to his home province of Newfoundland and Labrador, he began fusing traditional Newfoundland music with Reinhardt’s style and his own original compositions. This work resulted in the 2004 release of his dynamic debut solo CD, simply titled, Duane Andrews.





See Duane Andrews in performance at SweetWater 2017


After Hours                  Saturday, September 16, 2017

Heartwood Hall, Owen Sound, ON                      9:45 p.m