Don't Miss this Extra-Special Spring Concert

SweetWater presents a special spring musical eventUp Close & Personal with Edwin Huizinga and Philip Chiu.  


This digital concert, which premiered on May 28, features the violinist and pianist performing Brahms' Sonata for Violin and Piano Opus 78 Number One in G major along with a contemporary work by William Bolcom, Graceful Ghost. Edwin and Philip will welcome all and CBC Radio's Tom Allen will provide a special introduction. 


Tickets Available to Watch Concert

Enjoy this digital concert from the comforts of your home for $15 (excluding HST and processing fees). Tickets are available to view the concert until June 7. Anyone who purchased a ticket prior to May 28 can also view concert until that date. 

Watch a Concert Preview

Take a look at some musical moments from Up Close & Personal here. 

The Musicians

Find out more about the performers long-time connections beginning when they were teenagers. READ STORY HERE

The Programme

Take a look at the evening ahead. 


After Concert Green Room Chat

A special thanks to everyone who joined in the after concert glow hosted by Tom Allen. 

Audio Recording & Production 

Matt Antal, SMO Studios


Principal Cinematography & Editing 

Stelth Ng | Triple Pointe Media


Assistant Camera 

Sid Sawant