Into the Music takes you beyond the stage... an online, interactive conversation with accomplished music performers from Canada and beyond hosted and moderated by Edwin Huizinga. Get to know musicians and the lives they lead and learn more about their music.

A special thanks to Candian Heritage for supporting Season 2 of Into the Music.

The Podcast Edition

Season Two


Edwin Huizinga talks to Tom Allen, Lori Gemmell, Jeff Reilly, Patricia O'Callaghan, and Pete Gemmell about how refreshing it is again to experience live music after a long period nothing happening due to the pandemic and the importance performance opportunities. They also share some thoughts about what they're looking forward to as coming out of the pandemic and how audiences and performers are finding it odd being together again. 


Pianist Philip Chiu and members of the Rosebud String Quartet (Aaron Schwebel, Sheila Jaffé, Keith Hamm, Leana Rutt) talk to Edwin Huizinga about the challenges of being a live music performer during the second year of the pandemic and what they've been up to. They also offer up a wish list of what they would like to hear performed at SweetWater and a bit about kids, plants, and cooking slumps. 

Season One


Beth WenstomKyle Miller, Loren Ludwig, and Doug Balliett all have something in common with SweetWater Artistic Director Edwin Huizinga... they all belong to the early music string ensemble Acronym. Hear about their personal music journeys to date as well as some stories and more about being a part of a unique music ensemble and adjusting to performing online during the new normal. 


Guitarist William Coulter and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Hoyer talk about their musical journeys to date. They also share their favourite concert memories as a performer and as a concert goer. This session was recorded as part of a live Zoom broadcast on March 4, 2021. 


Violinist Marc Destrubé talks about this long career as a professional musician and how live performance has evolved and continues to change in the new normal. This session was recorded as part of a live Zoom broadcast on Feb. 4, 2021.


Violist Keith Hamm and cellist Julie Hereish talk about what first inspired them to follow a musical path. Along with a musical performance, they also offer their perspectives on the challenges facing musicians post-COVID19. This session was recorded as part of a live Zoom broadcast on Jan. 14, 2021.