SweetWater Organizes Piano Masterclasses

SweetWater has supported masterclass sessions for musicians in our area for several years. The latest piano masterclasses will take place on July 4 at 9 a.m. at Gallery de Boer ( 970 2nd Avenue East, upper floor) in Owen Sound.


The sessions will be led by Dr. Kati Gleiser. She will critique the performance of several students as well as provide them with ideas for additional study. The area students were selected by the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (ORMTA) Owen Sound Branch.


Kati grew up in OwenSound and understands the need for these students to gain experience by playing for various teachers. Having recently received her Doctorate from Indiana University, her work ethic and knowledge of the piano repertoire is outstanding. Her imaginative and creative ideas, which are grounded in excellent piano technique, are invaluable.


“The student, may find new ways of thinking about the music, some new ideas on how to practise and may hear again some things that have already been suggested by his teacher. In preparing for the the performance in the class and sharing some ideas, the student is encouraged to work in new ways. This is also a chance for these students to hear each other and share their common love of piano playing,” says Marion McDougall, Chair of SweetWater’s Education Outreach Committee.


Students participating will also be allotted a free tickets to the Saturday and Sunday matinee concerts at the Sweetwater Festival Sept 16-18, 2016. This is an opportunity for them to be inspired by some of the best world class musicians.   


Listeners are welcome to attend but space is limited.


A special thanks to the Community Foundation Grey Bruce for its support and Gallery de Boer for hosting these masterclasses.