New Board Leaders Appointed Following First-Ever Virtual AGM

                                                               June 19, 2020


During SweetWater's 2020 Annual General Meeting (the first to be held online via Zoom) two new directors were welcomed to the SweetWater Board. Following the AGM, the Board appointed a new leadership team for the coming year as well. 


Artistic Director Edwin Huizinga wasn't able to Zoom in for the AGM but did provide an update for members. He did note the importance of SweetWater being resilient during these challenging times.


"We have been connecting with our musicians, audiences, and each other more than ever, as we develop ways to stay in tune and in touch with our mandate, our story, and our mission."


Colleen Purdon, who is ending four years as Board Chair, remarked on her time in this position. 


"The past four years have been a learning experience for me, and a wonderful opportunity to work with amazing Board members, staff, volunteers and supporters. Thank you to everyone who has offered counsel, encouragement, wise words, good ideas and friendship to me over the past four years."  


Treasurer Jill Willington provided an overview of SweetWater's financials from the past year. She noted (in part) thanks to new partnership funding (sponsors), increased revenues from program ads, and additional cost management measures, SweetWater enjoyed an enhanced financial position over the previous fiscal year. 


Updates were also provided by the chairs of the Fundraising Committee, Education Outreach Committee, and Endowment Committee. 


During the AGM, other Board members and staff thanked Colleen Purdon for her work as Chair. The contributions of Shawna Macivor, who recently resigned from the Board, were also recognized. Her significant contributions as Secretary since 2017 and as a member of the Fundraising Committee were highlighted.


Following the presentation of reports, the SweetWater membership elected Board Directors for the coming year. Joining the Board are Mary Gray and Michael Vair-Haley. The balance of the Board members are serving their continuing terms: Lynda Montgomery, Jill Willington, Jackie Mersich, Charlotte MacFarlane, Colleen Purdon, and Adrian Hussey. 


A brief meeting of the new Board following the AGM appointed the officers to lead the Board over the coming year. Lynda Montgomery was appointed Chair and will share the duties of leading the SweetWater Board with current Treasurer Jill Willington who also becomes Vice-Chair. Jackie Mersich will fill the role of Secretary


Along with finding new strategies to confront the post-COVID era, the Board will be developing an updated Strategic Plan for the coming three years, 2021-2023. This plan will build on the foundations of the current plan but will also be updated to reflect where the organization is today and where it wants to go tomorrow. 


For those who did not attend the meeting, below are the reports (to read, click and download) presented during the AGM by Board members, staff, and committee chairs. 

AD Report

AD Report June 2020.pdf
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Chair Report

sweetwater.Boardchairreport 2020 AGM 06
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SW Manager Report

SweetWater Manager's Report 2020 SweetWa
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Financial Report

SweetWater Music Festival Financial Stat
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Fundraising Committee Report

sweetwater.fundraisingcommittee year in
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Education Outreach Committee Report

AGM 2020 Educ Comm.pdf
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Endowment Fund Committee Update

sweetwater.endowement comittee update AG
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