SweetWater Looking for New Members to Join Board Team

The 2021 SweetWater Board of Directors is pictured here during a Blue Skies Day gathering this past July.
The 2021 SweetWater Board of Directors is pictured here during a Blue Skies Day gathering this past July.


March 8, 2022

Despite the challenges of COVID, the SweetWater Music Festival, under the inspired guidance of artistic director Edwin Huizinga, is looking forward to another year of growth. The Festival is a unique annual event in Grey-Bruce, Ontario that showcases exceptional musicians from across Canada and beyond, performing live classical, jazz and contemporary music. It is now in its 19th year.


Staging a Festival as ambitious as SweetWater takes significant volunteer support.  As we expand, we invite new people from the immediate local community and beyond who feel they can lend a hand to help contribute to the Festival’s success as a member of our Board of Directors.


Who sits on the Board?                                                                                                                                              SweetWater’s Board of Directors is made up of individuals with a passion for live music and community. The Board works year-round to lead strategy, establish practices and policies, and oversee operations and finances.


What do Board Members do?                                                                                                                                  Prospective Board members should have the ability to contribute time, energy and experience to the SweetWater Festival, a passion for music, and excellent communication and collaborative skills.


Board Directors also…

·         Serve a two-year term to a maximum of three terms, participate in regular meetings (8 per year) largely held via Zoom, to participate (subject to health restrictions) in person at two half-day planning meetings, and an annual general meeting.

·         Sit on at least one SweetWater committee: Resource Development (Fundraising and Legacy Endowment), Education and Outreach, Board Development (Nomination and Orientation), or Audience Development.

·         Work with staff to support the Festival, participate in fundraising, oversee the financial health of the organization, and attend and support SweetWater events.


Helping to celebrate and promote beautiful music                                                                                                  Board membership is an entirely voluntary position, carrying no compensation beyond an enhanced sense of community and the satisfaction of helping to celebrate and promote beautiful music. Unlike other SweetWater volunteer positions, Board applicants must be 18 years of age or older.


How to join the Board?                                                                                                            

SweetWater is currently seeking nominees to join our Board in advance of our 2022 Annual General Meeting on Thursday, April, 21. Please send a confidential statement of interest along with your CV to:



To send a written correspondence:

SweetWater Music Festival, P.O. Box 333, Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5P5


FOR MORE INFORMATION                                                                                                         

Lynda Montgomery, Board Chair, SweetWater Music Festival                                                                                  p. 519 270 0678 e. board@sweetwatermusicfestival.ca

Paul Eichhorn, General Manger, SweetWater Music Festival                                                                                   p. 519 477 1403   e. pauleichhorn@sweetwatermusicfestival.ca