Katie Legere

Katie Legere has performed since 1993 with the Kingston Symphony, on bassoon, contrabassoon and saxophone. Previously, she performed with the Toronto Philharmonia from 1995 to 2002 as well as the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Toronto Symphony, Le Violons du Roy, Ottawa Symphony, National Academy Orchestra, Windsor Symphony, and Ohio Light Opera Orchestra. She has also performed on clarinet, flute, bassoon and saxophone at the Thousand Islands Playhouse 2013-2015 and is co-founder of the Happy Hour Sound Bytes series.

Katie has degrees in music (Queen's University and University of Toronto), Education (Queen's), Computing (Queen's) and Master's degrees in Computing and Business (Queen's). She has presented her research in the sonification of data both nationally and internationally. She is the Bassoon instructor at the Dan School of Drama and Music (Queen's University) and is also a certified Business Analyst.


See Katie Legere in performance at SweetWater 2016


Virtuosity                       Saturday, September 17, 2016

Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound, Ontario                      8 p.m.