SweetWater Three-Year Strategic Plan

We are moving forward in a very positive and productive way with the development of a new three-year Strategic Plan for SweetWater. There are two developments we would like to report on:

1.  SweetWater Strategic Plan Survey -  Thanks to everyone who participated in the electronic survey and for all the great responses. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS.  

2.  SweetWater Strategic Planning Workshop - On June 9th SweetWater board members, volunteers, Artistic Director Mark Fewer and Festival Manager Paul Eichhorn attended our second Strategic Planning workshop.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS


Next Steps...

The next step in the Strategic Planning process is to create a draft Strategic Plan for presentation to the Board in the fall, and a detailed one-year work plan.  This will happen over the summer.  


Thanks to everyone who attended our recent Workshop and to Marilyn Struthers for her excellent facilitation and workshop planning skills.


We welcome your ideas and comments (CLICK HERE TO EMAIL) as we move forward with the strategic planning process, and look forward to presenting the plan to everyone in the fall.