Almost there - SweetWater 2015

We’re almost there!
After a summer of terrific music and travel (for yours truly - the US, Italy, Denmark and Canada), the days of September are upon us, and SweetWater 12 is around the corner.   This year I am (of course) looking forward to the big event – the B Minor Mass of JS Bach.  But I’m also looking forward to one of our new initiatives – Mozart for Munchkins.  Inspired by the UK-based “Bach for Baby”, the event is based on the idea that exposure to great music and art is of extraordinary benefit to the very young.  I will be performing along with local favorite Kati Gleiser some…what else?…Mozart!  Kati will then perform some Bach and Debussy.  I invite everyone to come hear this.  See what a young child’s reaction to live music is. 
Do you have memories of your first musical experience?  Come find me in a couple of weeks in Owen Sound and tell me in person! 
See you all soon,

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