A legacy of beauty

Greetings to all from Venice, Italy!  After a wonderful week spent with the chamber music students at the National Youth Orchestra of Canada in Kitchener-Waterloo, a few days in Venice now to re-charge the batteries before starting into the next 8 weeks of touring.

For those of you who have been to Venice, you know how wonderful a place it is.  For those un-initiated, it symbolizes what is possible to pass on to future generations simply by devoting oneself to creating beauty while one has the chance. The famous Basilica de San Marco was constructed by countless souls who never saw its completion.  In fact, a few generations of workers had come and gone before the structure was finished.  Just imagine that happening today.  Yes, with better technology etc, virtually anything can be built within a short amount of time, but there are people who devote their time and efforts to "building" things that will long outlive their own days.  Inspiring!  (I read once about the Toyota Motor Company meeting decades ago to decide on a company path that reached 200 years into the future – i.e. taking the current executive out of the picture and focusing on what they would ultimately leave behind...amazing...)

For those of you with ideas on how we can leave something behind so that our community can enjoy SweetWater 100 years from now, I'm all ears!

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