On the Road to the Big B Minor

It's summer time, and for many musicians this means travel!  Many of us are on the road, living a one-suitcase existence for a few months. It has its challenges, but the rewards are great - performing music for audiences familiar and unfamiliar, connecting and re-connecting with colleagues, and, hopefully, fine weather!

This particular summer not a day is going by without me thinking about this September's SweetWater weekend, and specifically the B Minor Mass of Bach.  This is a larger project than anything we have ever attempted before.  And like the summer lives of musicians, it has its challenges and rewards.

Many people consider the B Minor Mass to be one of the greatest works ever written.  I agree.  If you'd like to hear it in advance of our performance in September, there are several available to stream online via youtube.  Just a warning - it's big!  Maybe start with listening to a movement or two a day instead of trying to digest the whole thing at once.

It's big.  It's Bach. It's B Minor.

B there in September!

From Colorado,


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