The violin: an instrument made to bring joy

Music means different things to different people.  This summer of travel has driven that point home.  Today, while shuttling from a hotel to an airport, I was sitting next to a United Airlines flight attendant. My violin is often the topic of conversation for people, and this person’s interest led to a revealing discussion.  She told me that she and her family immigrated to the US from Haiti when she was in middle school.  Her first experience at school in Brooklyn, New York was to hold a violin.  She was overjoyed with the experience.  The way she described it to me, it seemed like she was holding back tears. There was endless beauty and possibility for her.  An instrument made to bring forth joy!  I couldn’t agree more.


Come listen to what she’s talking about!  This September, we have the greatest mix of repertoire and artists you can imagine!


And for those interested in what happens to us as we play, check out this very informative video!



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    I have my own experiences in playing a violin, and I was only motivated to try it because my close friend was so good in using it. I also love the soothing music it makes and somehow, the sound is too distinct compared to the other musical instruments out there. The violin though, is without a doubt one of the hardest to learn out of all the musical instruments so if you guys are interested in learning to play it then might as well start your lessons now.