Edwin Huizinga on Seven Last Words of Christ

My name is Edwin Huizinga and I’m delighted to announce that a few friends from all over Canada, Rory, Alistair, and Alex, will be joining me for a quartet performance of The Seven Last Words of Christ, by Joseph Haydn. The Seven Last Words were originally commissioned as an orchestral work in 1786 for the Good Friday service at Cádiz Cathedral in Spain. A year later Haydn adapted it for string quartet which is how it’s most often performed today. As the title suggests there are 7 main meditative sections. We will be joined by Peter Little who will narrate the phrases between seven of the movements. There are however 9 movements total, as there is an introduction, and a finale called Il terremoto (Earthquake. This movement is Presto e con tutta la forza (super fast and with all the strength). The seven movements in the middle are all either Largo’s or Grave’s or Adagio’s or Lento’s; this makes an unbelievable peaceful reflective mood and experience for the audience.

We ask the audience not to clap at the end of the piece, as it is for God that we play this piece and not for ourselves.  Applause terminates the overall meditative feeling you get as you sit and listen. I have loved this incredible piece by Haydn, who I call the godfather of the string quartet, for years. I was fortunate enough to perform this piece for you in Owen Sound last year with one of my heros, Mark Fewer, and am so excited to be back this year with a new team of amazing musicians. Looking forward to seeing you all in about a month!!!

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