It is sweet to be collaborating with people like you

At the end of each September event at SweetWater, I am asked: “How will you manage to top THIS year?” If I take off my Artistic Director’s hat of stage-like charm, the answer is……all of you. Yes, we produce something we love at SW, but the real “how” is from all of the supporters – financial backers, administrators, tireless board members, audience members and donors. If anyone really deserves a standing ovation at the end of an event like ours, it is you.


What started as an idea from a family farm in Annan has grown into an world class event with international praise from around the globe.   For that – we thank all of you!

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    Sibylle Ruppert (Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:47)

    Sweetwater for me is more than a homecoming it is the first gathering on the fall migration.It is the discovery and exploration, that I am looking forward to.I particularily remember a captivating rendition of a Ligeti quartet so transparently played . In one of the Saturday concerts Peter Longworth pouded a path seemingly next to a chasm (sorry forgot the composer). My teen age neighbours exchanged a knowing grin: Lets have some danger.