The Clarity that Comes through Travelling

Back in Canada now, with Italy still lingering in the mind.


I expect most of us have travelled to places from time to time with the intention of re-creating what we experienced “there” “here”. Being a classical musician means committing yourself to a similar type of repeated exposure, done in the belief that the repetition has an enriching effect. For some of us, that is achieved with music. For others it could be art, dance, food, conversation with friends etc.


If one does the mind good through travel, then my trip to Italy has helped me see one thing clearly. We are ALL doing things in repetition (For example, waking and sleeping times, eating habits, or complaining about the lack of structural and grammatical efficacy of this writer!). Individually and collectively, we do this – even though our western society likes to promote the idea that we are “free” of such behaviors and have limitless “choice”.   Once greed is taken out of that equation, perhaps freedom of choice IS there!


Come to the 10th Anniversary Season of SweetWater! We’re “repeating” a great thing!

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